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Solutions offered by CareerShift

The CRM for Job Hunters™

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New Global Expansion to S. America, Europe & More!

CareerShift offers expanded Job, Contact and Company searches outside of the US to include all of North America into Canada and Mexico, most of South America, the United Kingdom, most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Russia. Submit your appropriate documents using My Campaigns to potential employers and contacts to expand your job search abroad today!

This section background image shows a global world-map with a blue background and countries shaded in gray. There are specific countries highlighted and shaded in orange which represent the coverage that CareerShift provides.

Job, Contact & Company Searches Now Include

  • All of North America including
    • the United States,
    • Canada,
    • and Mexico.
  • A majority of South America including
    • Argentina,
    • Brazil,
    • Chile,
    • Colombia,
    • Ecuador,
    • and Peru.
  • Most of Europe including
    • Austria,
    • Belgium,
    • the Czech Republic,
    • Denmark,
    • Finland,
    • France,
    • Germany,
    • Greece,
    • Hungary,
    • Ireland,
    • Italy,
    • Luxembourg,
    • Netherlands,
    • Norway,
    • Poland,
    • Portugal,
    • Romania,
    • Spain,
    • Sweden,
    • Switzerland,
    • Turkey,
    • and the United Kingdom.
  • Asia including
    • Russia.
  • And Oceania including
    • Australia,
    • and New Zealand.