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Frequently Asked Questions

About Membership Account

Is there any type of discount for a longer-term subscription?

When you join for three months or more you’ll receive a discount. For detail, click on the link below:

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Can I pay one month at a time?

Yes. Simply enter 1 in the box for the number of months. Once your month using CareerShift is over, you’ll be asked if you want to continue your membership. To continue, simply pay for another month, or however many more months you want to continue. It’s that simple. Contact us for further details by clicking on the link below:

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The quantity of membership months is wrong, how do I correct it?

To manually change the number of membership months, click on the quantity, change to correct number and click the update button located at the bottom of the box. Your new quantity will be saved.

How much does a CareerShift membership cost?

Please take advantage of our free trial offer to get started. If you would like to continue using CareerShift, you can click on the 'extend membership' link in MY ORGANIZER. You will be brought to the shopping cart, where you can enter 1 in the month box or more. You will see our prices and the discounts for longer periods. Subscription Rates are:

  • $59.95 per month
  • 3 Months or more, 10% off
  • 7 Months or more, 15% off
  • 1 Year or more, 20% off

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Do you have Tutorials and Hint buttons?


Tutorials can be found on you’re MY ORGANIZER page, on the CareerShift YOUTUBE channel and under each of the tabs across the top of your screen. They are depicted by tutorial video.

Hint buttons can be found throughout your account. Run your mouse over the icons: Help Icon and Exclamation Icon for additional information on every page of your account.

About My Documents

Can I create a new resume or create multiple resumes for different job searches?

Yes! It’s easy to create and store as many resumes and cover letters as you want using CareerShift's Resume Wizard™ and Cover Letter Wizard™. In My Documents you can copy and paste your existing resumes and cover letters or simply upload your formatted documents. CareerShift allows you to create and store many versions of your resume and cover letter, so you can customize your campaigns.

I already have a resume that I designed in a specific format. Can I upload it to my CareerShift account?

Absolutely. You can upload as many formatted resumes as you like and store them in My Documents for use in your campaigns.

About Privacy

Is CareerShift a secure site?

Yes. CareerShift enforces a fully encrypted connection from your browser to our servers using 2048-bit SSL Secure Sockets Layer with TLS Encryption. Any area of the site where you login, register or use the site outside of browsing uses this encryption to ensure communication stays private and secure.

Out data center facilities are located in a secure environment that stands up to the most stringent government, healthcare, financial and security industry standards to ensure physical and logic protection from attack and/or unauthorized access.

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How does CareerShift protect my privacy?

CareerShift is very committed to protecting your privacy and to developing a trusting relationship based on respect for personal identity and information by keeping focused on secure information practices. Our goal at CareerShift is to provide an environment where you can exchange information freely and openly without the worry of exposure. CareerShift discloses our information practices in a detailed statement and has its privacy practices reviewed for compliance by professionals.

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About Campaigns

What is My Campaigns?

My campaigns is a tool for you to either send your resume and cover letter via email or a hard copy mailing to selected contacts.

How does the email campaign work?

Once you select email campaign, you will be asked to select or create a folder location to save your newly named campaign. You can choose the entire list or check a contact list and all the individual contacts within that list will be shown. You can then individually decide which contacts to send your resume. Clicking Next will ask you to select from your resume and cover letters you have stored on My Documents. Clicking Next will bring you to a page where you can preview your campaign before sending it out. Selecting to preview will send it to your email. Once satisfied, click Finish. Your email campaign is completed. You will see that your named campaign is saved in the folder you designated in the global folder system.

What is a print campaign?

The print campaign tool is used when you want to do a hard copy mailing. Simply select a print campaign, and give your campaign a name and a location in the Global Folder System to save it in. Check the contacts lists to reveal the individual contacts, from which you can choose exactly which contacts to mail to. Click Next to select your documents and again to finish your campaign. You will be sent an email containing attachments for your resume, cover letter and contact information. You now have everything you need to send out your mailing. A record of your print campaign will be recorded in the note section of each chosen contact.

About Sign Up

When I click this link, nothing happens.

Go to your tool bar and make sure you are allowing pop-ups.