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CareerShift FAQ

Do I need to pay for CareerShift?

If your school career center or alumni office subscribes to CareerShift, you should be able to access CareerShift for free. Contact your career center or alumni office to see if they subscribe and ask for registration instructions.

If your college or university is not a member of the CareerShift community, we do offer a free 24-hour trial to see if CareerShift is right for you. If you like it, an individual subscription is $75.00 per month. You can subscribe month-to-month and cancel anytime. However, discounts are available if you sign up for 3 months or more.

Can I try CareerShift without using a credit card?

Yes, all you need to provide is basic contact information to set up an account. We do not require a credit card for the free trial – there is no automatic renewal or obligation to buy. Just 24 hours to see if CareerShift is right for you.

How do I subscribe after the free trial?

When you free trial is over, you can still log into your account and will see an Extend Membership link to sign up. We will also send you an email to remind you that your free trial is ending.

Do you offer help with resumes and cover letters?

We offer resume and cover letter templates to help you easily create professional looking templates. Simply go to Documents and then select Wizards.

How do I find internships?

For internship listings, go to Jobs, Search and then Advanced Search. Under Job Type, you can select Internships. Or enter “Intern” in the keyword box.

Can I save searches and get email alerts for new job postings?

Yes, after you complete a search, Select Save Search at the top of your results. You can name the search and then check “Send me alerts for this search.” We will automatically email you the jobs that meet your search criteria. You can choose daily, twice daily, or weekly alerts.

What is a Campaign in CareerShift and why should I use it?

Campaigns in CareerShift automates the process the sending resumes and cover letters to your saved contacts. CareerShift enables you to easily save searches, jobs, contacts, and companies in folders. Campaigns allow you to easily personalize, send, and track all your communications to your contacts. Rather than starting from a blank page every time you want to reach out to a new contact, you can reuse and personalize previous communications as needed.

What if I want to create multiple resumes and cover letters for different jobs?

We highly recommend customizing resumes and cover letters and CareerShift makes it easy to do exactly that. You can upload your existing resumes and cover letters under Documents or use our Wizards to create new ones. Save as many resumes and cover letters as you want under My Documents. This helps make all your versions easily accessible when applying to jobs or reaching out to new contacts.

Can I communicate directly with professional contacts in CareerShift?

CareerShift has direct email addresses for over 150M professional contacts. Wherever an email is available, you can reach out to them directly without any need to connect or join their network first.

Is CareerShift training available?

Yes. Check out our series of How-To Videos on the CareerShift YouTube channel. You can also sign up for a free 30-minute CareerShift overview webinar. The webinar covers how to create a network of relevant industry contacts, develop a target list of companies you want to work, uncover job opportunities that aren’t publicly posted, and much more. This is also a great opportunity to ask our CareerShift experts questions. Training webinars are offered multiple times a week. Click here for upcoming webinars.

How does CareerShift protect my privacy?

CareerShift is committed to protecting your privacy and personal information. We do not sell your personal data to third parties for marketing purposes. How we use your data can be found in our privacy policy.

I still need help or have additional questions. How do I contact CareerShift?

Contact us here. A real person will get back to you. Promise. We really do want to help you succeed with your job search.