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How Companies Can Help Former Employees: Provide CareerShift as an Outplacement Benefit


Send a positive message to released employees, the media and those still with your organization/company. You can now offer job search assistance to all levels of employees. Great for released employees and send a positive message to the media and employees still with the company.

Organizations with discharged employees can benefit from CareerShift by providing it as part of employee severance packages. CareerShift is easy and inexpensive to purchase for former employees. Companies of any size can now show transitioning workers they care by helping them to jump start their new job search.

Traditional outplacement can be very expensive and employees tend to not fully utilize the services. With CareerShift, they can use the service in the privacy of their own homes for months, at a low cost to you, allowing them to stay focused on the future.

CareerShift users can tailor their job search and networking contact/company searches by job type, location, company, salary, source, and much more. With contacts and openings from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, CareerShift can help.

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