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See why school, students and alumni call CareerShift a must-have, essential job search and networking resource.

University and College Career Centers & Alumni offices

The SUNY Oswego Career Services office offers students and alumni a wide array of best-in-class digital career development platforms to serve our distance learners, international students, and main/branch campus. CareerShift is the very last platform I would consider removing from our digital portfolio. The exhaustive number of opportunities that our students find across every career path is jaw dropping, and it is instrumental in helping our students see hope for a bright future, and an endless choice of possibilities. The platform is simple to use but extremely powerful, the customer support is immediate and effective. The ability to embed saved searches into our web presence has allowed us to scale this up across our institution.

Gary Morris, Director of Career Services, Career Center, SUNY Oswego

Experienced alumni working through career transition require specialized, yet flexible, and trustworthy tools that help seekers identify and explore a variety of Manager’s specific needs in the marketplace. The Former Student Career Team at Texas A&M depends on CareerShift and we use it in almost every alumni interaction. This powerful aggregator instantly provides hours of industry research with each query.

I have introduced CareerShift to hundreds of our Former Students as a resource to supercharge their career development. I cannot recall a single conversation where we could not help our Former Student identify multiple opportunities. In fact, in most cases they were surprised at the volume of opportunities they identified during a one-hour review of our resources and search process.

Paul Pausky, Associate Director of Former Student Career Services, Career Center, Texas A&M University

Our students love CareerShift and any time that we present it to them it gets a WOW reaction. It easily finds information that other resources don't and its ability to save data into folders for later use is excellent -- Truly a great product. As an added bonus it comes with a terrific and responsive management team. Highly recommended!

John Fracchia, Associate Director, Career Center, Ithaca College

CareerShift has allowed us to offer a valuable resource to all of our alumni. We now have the ability to offer an international/nationwide job resource to all of our job seekers. CareerShift has become one of our most popular benefits!

Mike McCay, AVP and Executive Director of The University of Tennessee Alumni Association, Career Center, The University of Tennessee Alumni Association

I can’t tell you how nice it’s been to have CareerShift and the comments we’ve had from students and alumni about this resource confirms its value over and over. When I talked about CareerShift at an alumni networking event, one alumni in attendance spoke up and said, “That’s how I got my job!” Always nice to hear!

Lindsay Vallaster, Assistant Director, Career Center, Oklahoma State University Career and Alumni Career Services

One of GMU's recent graduates was featured on a panel called Doing Good in the Private Sector. Before joining a for-profit marketing agency, she'd worked exclusively at non-profits. Over lunch, a colleague from another university asked her how she found her current position. She told us that if CareerShift hadn't shown her a company profile, she probably would not have considered applying to a for-profit organization. I was glad to tell everyone what a valuable resource CareerShift has been for our students, as well as how I use it to find employer contacts.

Heather (Wright) Gavitt,MA, Assistant Director for Career Development, Career Center, George Mason University


In addition to its capabilities as a search engine for job opportunities, CareerShift serves as a great networking tool. I used it to search for college alumni in the investment banking industry. I contacted the people who matched my description and had a phone interview just a day later.

Mike Shea, Denison University

CareerShift has been the most useful search engine in helping me find work. The website simplifies everything by compiling job postings from employer websites and job boards in any city, state, or country with just a few keywords. It helped me find the job I was looking for and I'm sure it will help you too! Thank you CareerShift!

Brandon Sydow, Student

I love how CareerShift allows users to search for hundreds of jobs using keywords, and you can save the jobs to apply to at a later date. It is always a headache applying for jobs, so when something like CareerShift organizes the process for you, it makes the job search go much more smoothly.

Kelsey Spaulding, Senior, Integrated Strategic Communication, University of Kentucky


I first discovered CareerShift when I was a senior in college, attending Rutgers University. It’s ease of use and exceptional results have made CareerShift my #1, go to job search resource. Recently, I decided to change career paths and CareerShift was my primary resource. In all of my time using it, there was never a job that other sites found that CareerShift didn’t.

CareerShift goes above and beyond the functions of your standard breaks the mold. Unlike stereotypical job sites, CareerShift incorporates networking functions, allowing users to identify and contact individuals within a specific company and field. I wasn’t bound to a cycle of waiting to hear back from employers, rather I was given the tools to be in the driver’s seat and contact them myself. I could tell that this effort was appreciated, and it couldn’t have been done without the resources that CareerShift provided.

If you are wondering, “Did you get a job through CareerShift?” and the answer is yes. I can gladly say I am a Recruiter for Open Systems Healthcare and without CareerShift it wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you CareerShift!

Erin Brown, Recruiter, Open Systems Healthcare, Rutgers University

I recently accepted a buyout from my current company and will be hitting the job market. I needed a place to organize my leads, applications and contacts at target employers. I had the opportunity to look at a number of job seeker centered CRM systems. None were as good as CareerShift.

I particularly love the company contact feature! I was using multiple web databases to locate business contacts. Hitting all of those websites is time consuming and tedious. CareerShift makes that process simple and takes seconds. My first lookup yielded exactly the person I needed for I job application I sent yesterday, as I couldn't find him on all of the usual websites. My search is organized and the paper/excel tracking system I was using is gone! I feel like I have total control of my search in an efficient, easy to use solution.

Your site is well worth the cost of admission!

Pete Morano, BA, MBA

I would like to thank CareerShift for their simple to use website which was crucial in landing me a job. I recently had been laid off and like everyone else started using the standard free job sites, the problem I was running into is that most off the jobs that I applied for were for temp agencies that are posting jobs for other companies. They didn't really get me to the people I wanted to talk to. I had been using these sites for about two months before I heard about CareerShift from a friend. As soon as I started using CareerShift things changed, I started getting actual businesses that were posting the jobs. Within a week I was interviewing and within a month I landed my job. I truly believe that without CareerShift I would still be wasting my time, and would have missed out on my dream job.

Mike Kovacic, Network Administrator

As part of my severance package, I was given one month of free service with CareerShift to assist in my job search. I was so excited to find that this is the most comprehensive online job search program I have ever seen. CareerShift has helped me identify more jobs than I would ever have been able to find on my own. CareerShift’s customer service also provides excellent and quick help.
It is really refreshing to have such a phenomenal new job search tool.It makes the task of finding a new position much less daunting and keeps the hope alive.

Mary Ann Eicke-Shaw

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