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At Riklan Resources, we are committed to providing our clients with effective tools and support for their job search. The CareerShift search tool returns results from every career site and job board. With the power of CareerShift, you can organize all the relevant jobs that meet your search criteria, whether you search by job title, company name, keywords, or location.

CareerShift saves time while putting you in complete control of your career and job search. With CareerShift, you'll move into the fast lane by finding the companies, jobs and contacts with which you can pursue career opportunities that best fit your personal goals and aspirations. CareerShift provides all the on-line tools and links to keep you organized for success.

Of course, our professional team at Riklan Resources is available to assist and guide you so feel free to reach out with any questions.

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Michelle A. Riklan, ACRW, CPRW, CEIC
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