• My Jobs finds EVERY job posted at EVERY career site

    The CareerShift search tool returns results from every career site and job board. Save and organize all the relevant jobs that meet your search criteria, whether you search by job title, company name, keywords, or location.

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  • My Contacts makes networking with people and companies easy!

    Find, save and organize lists of companies and contacts. CareerShift’s patent-pending software technology provides information about millions of businesses and contacts, including cross-referenced job postings.

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  • My Documents creates, edits and manages all of your documents

    CareerShift provides you with document Wizards for creating Resumes, Cover Letters, or any other business document you may need. You can also upload your own documents, for easy access from any location, at any time.

  • My Campaigns distributes your resume through print or email.

    Send your resume to your selected companies and contacts by direct mail or email. CareerShift automatically tracks actions in your campaigns, and keeps relevant notes so you can stay on top of your job search.

  • My Calendar reminds you of appointments and follow-up actions

    Whenever a Campaign is completed, CareerShift automatically sends you a reminder email so that you can follow up with prospective employers. My Calendar allows you to set appointments, events, and other reminders, according to your unique desires and needs.

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The results are in: Schools and career services centers, students, and everyday job seekers alike agree that CareerShift is an essential tool in today's job search. See why they love it!


Quote from John Fracchia, Associate Director, Career Services, Ithaca College “Our students love CareerShift and any time that we present it to them it gets a WOW reaction. It easily finds information that other resources don't and its ability to save data into folders for later use is excellent -- Truly a great product. As an added bonus it comes with a terrific and responsive management team. Highly recommended!”

John Fracchia
Associate Director
Career Services
Ithaca College

Quote from Diane Sledden Reed, Assistant Director, Career Center, University of North Carolina Wilmington “CareerShift is an excellent resource for finding contacts in companies of all industries and geographic areas.

It has the ability to look for all jobs posted at one company. It's a great one stop shop for jobs, contacts and company searches.

It's an outstanding resource for students and alumni looking to relocate to a new geographic area. Our students use it to find alumni contacts for networking purposes. Shift Happens at UNCW - we use that as our marketing campaign.”

Diane Sledden Reed
Assistant Director
Career Center
University of North Carolina Wilmington

Quote from Tonya Nations, Director and Suzi Nyberg, Career Specialist, Millsaps College Career Center, Else School of Management “In 2012, we introduced CareerShift to our small, liberal arts campus. Since then, our students and alumni have reacted similarly with “Wow!” or “This is great!” They can’t wait to set up their own accounts and begin searching for contacts or information about companies or opportunities. Prior to CareerShift, our work with individual students was very labor intensive. Now, we have more free time as a staff, and can offer thousands of legitimate connections with just as many companies. Each time we share this resource, it’s like giving a gift…a gift that someone actually wants. Because the system has allowed our students more ownership in their job searches, they have a better understanding of the value of networking and research in the process.”

Tonya Nations
Millsaps College Career Center
Suzi Nyberg
Career Specialist
Millsaps College Career Center, Else School of Management

Quote from Suzanne Scott-Trammell, Executive Director, Career & Professional Development Services, University of Alabama Birmingham “The jobs and networking students gain from using CareerShift allow us to expand our reach across campus and enhance our reputation as being proactive and responsive. CareerShift has proven to be of tremendous value, allowing us to address new needs for a greater population.”

Suzanne Scott-Trammell
Executive Director
Career & Professional Development Services
University of Alabama Birmingham

Quote from Russ Coughenour, Director / Career Services, The University of Tennessee “CareerShift has been the single best addition to our online portfolio of products here at UTK Career Services. Regardless of whether I show it to administrators, faculty, students or alumni, they are all impressed by CareerShift's unique features and overall design. It's a very easy product to sell to your customer base.”

Russ Coughenour
Director / Career Services
The University of Tennessee

Quote from Linda LaTendresse, Assistant Director, Employer Relations, Career Center, UC Riverside “The University of California, Riverside has been an avid fan of CareerShift since 2009. Our students and staff find great value in this tool as it’s an excellent way to search for jobs and networking leads. CareerShift provides students with thousands of more opportunities than our database alone. It’s undeniable that our students and alumni benefit from their use of CareerShift.”

Linda LaTendresse
Assistant Director, Employer Relations
Career Center
UC Riverside

Quote from Paul Pausky, Former Student Career Services, Texas A&M University “I’ve had the opportunity to introduce CareerShift to hundreds of alumni of Texas A&M University. After using the platform for just one hour, each alumnus was pleasantly surprised by the large number of new career opportunities they encountered.”

Paul Pausky
Texas A&M University
Class of 1978

Quote from Colton Griffiths, Communication Career Counselor, University of Utah “I love CareerShift so much--I use it with every student I encounter. Your system is so efficient and easy to use, I sometimes I show students CareerShift before I show them how to use the university’s job database. Keep up the great work!”

Colton Griffiths
Communication Career Counselor
University of Utah


Quote from Mike Shea, Denison University Alumni “In addition to its capabilities as a search engine for job opportunities, CareerShift serves as a great networking tool. I used it to search for college alumni in the investment banking industry. I contacted the people who matched my description and had a phone interview just a day later.”

Mike Shea
Denison University Alumni

Quote from Kelsey Spaulding, Senior, Integrated Strategic Communication, University of Kentucky “I love how CareerShift allows users to search for hundreds of jobs using keywords, and allows us to save the jobs to apply to at a later date. It is always a headache applying for jobs, so when something like CareerShift organizes the process for you, it makes the job search go much more smoothly.”

Kelsey Spaulding
Senior, Integrated Strategic Communication
University of Kentucky


Quote from Mike Kovacic, Network Administrator “I would like to thank CareerShift for their simple to use website which was crucial in landing me a job. I recently had been laid off and like everyone else started using the standard free job sites, the problem I was running into is that most off the jobs that I applied for were for temp agencies that are posting jobs for other companies. They didn't really get me the people I wanted to talk to. I had been using these sites for about two months before I heard about CareerShift from a friend. As soon as I started using CareerShift things changed, I started getting actual businesses that were posting the jobs. Within a week I was interviewing and within a month I landed my job. I truly believe that without CareerShift I would still be wasting my time, and would have missed out on my dream job.”

Mike Kovacic
Network Administrator

Quote from Kelly Sigler “It is official -- CareerShift landed me my first job. The search engine was very proactive in finding me the results that I wanted. I didn't have to sort through all the gimmicks that you find on other sites. CareerShift took me to sources that are unique to the locations where I desired to work. I would have never have found my position without its help. Thanks!”

Kelly Sigler

Severance Package

Quote from Mary Ann Eicke-Shaw “I have been working for more than 30 years and was recently laid off. As part of my severance package, I was given one month of free service with CareerShift to assist in my job search. I was so excited to find that this is the most comprehensive online job search program I have ever seen. CareerShift has helped me identify more jobs than I would ever have been able to find on my own. CareerShift’s customer service also provides excellent and quick help. When I reached out, I received a call back the same day, with all issues resolved.

I have already called HR at my previous company to tell them how much I appreciate the service. It is really refreshing to have such a phenomenal new job search tool. It makes the task of finding a new position much less daunting and keeps the hope alive."

Mary Ann Eicke-Shaw

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